ᐅ169+ Best & Most Important Quotes From Marcus Aurelius

“Let your one delight and refreshment be to pass from one service to the community to

"Let your one delight and refreshment be to pass from one service to the community to another, with God ever in mind." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"The nature of the All moved to make the universe." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Be content with what you are, and wish not change; nor dread your last day, nor long for it." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"This thou must always bear in mind, what is the nature of the whole." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Anything that is beautiful is beautiful just as it is. Praise forms no part of its beauty, since praise makes things neither better nor worse. This applies even more to what it commonly called beautiful: natural objects, for example, or works of art. True beauty has no need of anything beyond itself." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"But that which is useful is the better." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"We are too much accustomed to attribute to a single cause that which is the product of several, and the majority of our controversies come from that." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"All things are in the act of change; thou thyself in ceaseless transformation and partial decay, and the whole universe with thee." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"It is the duty of men to love even those who injure them." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"If you separate from . . . everything you have done in the past, everything that disturbs you about the future . . . and apply yourself to living the life that you are living-that is to say, the present-you can live all the time that remains to you until your death in calm, benevolence, and serenity." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Enough of this wretched life and murmuring and apish tricks. Why art thou disturbed? What is there new in this? What unsettles thee? Is it the form of the thing? Look at it. Or is it the matter? Look at it. But besides these there is nothing. Towards the gods, then, now become at last more simple and better. It is the same whether we examine these things for a hundred years or three." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"The honest and good man ought to be exactly like a man who smells strong, so that the bystander as soon as he comes near him must smell whether he choose or not." ~ Marcus Aurelius

“Take care that you entertain no notions unsuitable to virtue and reasonable nature.”

"Take care that you entertain no notions unsuitable to virtue and reasonable nature." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Nothing happens to any man which he is not formed by nature to bear. The same things happen to another, and either because he does not see that they have happened or because he would show a great spirit he is firm and remains unharmed. It is a shame then that ignorance and conceit should be stronger than wisdom." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"The happiness and unhappiness of the rational, social animal depends not on what he feels but on what he does; just as his virtue and vice consist not in feeling but in doing." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Why should anyone be afraid of change? What can take place without it? What can be more pleasing or more suitable to universal nature? Can you take your bath without the firewood undergoing a change? Can you eat without the food undergoing a change? And can anything useful be done without change? Don't you see that for you to change is just the same, and is equally necessary for universal nature?" ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Everything that exists is in a manner the seed of that which will be." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Do not waste what remains of your life in speculating about your neighbors, unless with a view to some mutual benefit. To wonder what so-and-so is doing and why, or what he is saying, or thinking, or scheming -- in a word, anything that distracts you from fidelity to the ruler within you -- means a loss of opportunity for some other task." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Does what's happened keep you from acting with justice, generosity, self-control, sanity, prudence, honesty, humility, straightforward ness, and all other qualities that allow a person's nature to fulfill itself? So remember this principle when something threatens to cause you pain: the thing itself was no misfortune at all; to endure it and prevail is great good fortune." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"He would be the finer gentleman that should leave the world without having tasted of lying or pretence of any sort, or of wantonness or conceit." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Reason and the reasoning faculty need no foreign assistance, but are sufficient for their own purposes. They move within themselves, and make directly for the point in view. Wherefore, acts in accordance with them are called right acts, for they lead along the right road." ~ Marcus Aurelius

“It is not the weight of the future or the past that is pressing upon you, but ever that

"It is not the weight of the future or the past that is pressing upon you, but ever that of the present alone. Even this burden, too, can be lessened if you confine it strictly to its own limits." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Am I doing anything? I do it with reference to the good of mankind. Does anything happen to me? I receive it and refer it to the gods, and the source of all things, from which all that happens is derived." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"When forced, as it seems, by your environment to be utterly disquieted, return with all speed into your self, staying in discord no longer than you must. By constant recurrence to the harmony, you will gain more command over it." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Why should any of these things that happen externally distract thee? Give thyself leisure to learn some good thing: cease roving to and fro." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"This thou must always bear in mind, what is the nature of the whole, and what is my nature, and how this is related to that, and what kind of a part it is of what kind of a whole; and that there is no one who hinders thee from always doing and saying the things which are according to the nature of which thou art a part." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Our wills are ours, to make them Thine." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"The earth loveth the shower," and "the holy æther knoweth what love is." The Universe, too, loves to create whatsoever is destined to be made." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Thou sufferest justly: for thou choosest rather to become good to-morrow than to be good to-day." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Enter others' minds and let them enter yours." ~ Marcus Aurelius

“All things are changing; and thou thyself art in continuous mutation and in

"All things are changing; and thou thyself art in continuous mutation and in a manner in continuous destruction and the whole universe to." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Ifit be a thing external that causes thy grief, know, that it is not that properly that doth cause it, but thine own conceit and opinion concerning the thing: which thou mayest rid thyself of, when thou wilt." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"When we consider we are bound to be serviceable to mankind, and bear with their faults, we shall perceive there is a common tie of nature and relation between us." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Doth perfect beauty stand in need of praise at all? Nay; no more than law, no more than truth, no more than loving kindness, nor than modesty." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Let there be freedom from perturbations with respect to the things which come from the external cause; and let there be justice in the things done by virtue of the internal cause, that is, let there be movement and action terminating in this, in social acts, for this is according to thy nature." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Once you have done a man a service, what more reward would you have? Is it not enough to have obeyed the laws of your own nature, without expecting to be paid for it?" ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Blot out vain pomp; check impulse; quench appetite; keep reason under its own control." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Think not disdainfully of death, but look on it with favor; for even death is one of the things that Nature wills." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Here is the rule to remember in the future, When anything tempts you to be bitter: not, 'This is a misfortune' but 'To bear this worthily is good fortune.'" ~ Marcus Aurelius

"I bless the gods for not letting my education in rhetoric, poetry, and other literary studies come easily to me, and thereby sparing me from an absorbing interest in these subjects." ~ Marcus Aurelius

“Glory arrives too late when it comes only to one’s ashes”

"Glory arrives too late when it comes only to one's ashes" ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Man is born for deeds of kindness." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Find time still to be learning somewhat good, and give up being desultory." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Do not consider anything for your interest which makes you break your word, quit your modesty or inclines you to any practice which will not bear the light or look the world in the face." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Think of the country mouse and of the town mouse, and of the alarm and trepidation of the town mouse." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"A good disposition is invincible, if it be genuine." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Time is like a river made up of the events which happen, and a violent stream; for as soon as a thing has been seen, it is carried away, and another comes in its place, and this will be carried away too." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Direct thy attention to what is said. Let thy understanding enter into the things that are doing and the things which do them." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"When you find an unwillingness to rise early in the morning, endeavor to rouse your faculties, and act up to your kind, and consider that you have to do the business of a man; and that action is both beneficial and the end of your being." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"And in the case of superior things like stars, we discover a kind of unity in separation. The higher we rise on the scale of being, the easier it is to discern a connection even among things separated by vast distances." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"My city and state are Rome. But as a human being? The world. So for me, "good" can only mean what's good for both communities." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Whatever the universal nature assigns to any man at any time is for the good of that man at that time." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"We are born for cooperation" ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Now departure from the world of men is nothing to fear, if gods exist: because they would not involve you in any harm. If they do not exist, or if they have no care for humankind, then what is life to me in a world devoid of gods, or devoid of providence? But they do exist, and they do care for humankind: and they have put it absolutely in man's power to avoid falling into the true kinds of harm." ~ Marcus Aurelius

“All those things at which thou wishest to arrive by a circuitous road, thou canst

"All those things at which thou wishest to arrive by a circuitous road, thou canst have now, if thou dost not refuse them to thyself." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Every living organism is fulfilled when it follows the right path for its own nature." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"At day's first light have in readiness, against disinclination to leave your bed, the thought that "I am rising for the work of man."" ~ Marcus Aurelius

"I consist of a little body and a soul." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"That which has died falls not out of the universe. If it stays here, it also changes here, and is dissolved into its proper parts, which are elements of the universe and of thyself. And these too change, and they murmur not"." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"In one way an arrow moves, in another way the mind. The mind indeed, both when it exercises caution and when it is employed about inquiry, moves straight onward not the less, and to its object." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"The controlling Intelligence understands its own nature, and what it does, and whereon it works." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Think of the universal substance, of which thou has a very small portion; and of universal time, of which a short and indivisible interval has been assigned to thee; and of that which is fixed by destiny, and how small a part of it thou art" ~ Marcus Aurelius

"All things from eternity are of like forms and come round in circle." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"If thou canst see sharp, look and judge wisely, says the philosopher." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Vex not thy spirit at the course of things; they heed not thy vexation. How ludicrous and outlandish is astonishment at anything that may happen in life." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Truth and ceremony are two things." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"The substance of the universe is obedient and compliant; and the reason which governs it has in itself no cause for doing evil, for it has no malice, nor does it do evil to anything, nor is anything harmed by it. But all things are made and perfected according to this reason." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Everything is born from change. ...there is nothing nature loves more that to alter what exists and make new things like it. All that exists is the seed of what will emerge from it. You think the only seeds are the one that make plants and children? Go deeper." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"People exist for one another." ~ Marcus Aurelius

“Look to the essence of a thing, whether it be a point of doctrine

"Look to the essence of a thing, whether it be a point of doctrine, of practice, or of interpretation." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"The ruling power within, when it is in its natural state, is so related to outer circumstances that it easily changes to accord with what can be done and what is given it to do." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"A rational nature admits of nothing but what is serviceable to the rest of mankind." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Short-lived are both the praiser and the praised, and rememberer and the remembered: and all this in a nook of this part of the world; and not even here do all agree, no, not any one with himself: and the whole earth too is a point." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"As for life, it is a battle and a sojourning in a strange land; but the fame that comes after is oblivion." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"He who flies from his master is a runaway; but the law is master, and he who breaks the law is a runaway. And he also who is grieved or angry or afraid, is dissatisfied because something has been or is or shall be of the things which are appointed by Him who rules all things, and He is Law, and assigns to every man what is fit. He then who fears or is grieved or is angry is a runaway." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Continuously thou wilt look at human things as smoke and nothing at all; especially if thou reflectest at the same time, that what has once changed will never exist again in the infinite duration of time. But thou, in what a brief space of time is thy existence? And why art thou not content to pass through this short time in an orderly way?" ~ Marcus Aurelius

"A little time, and thou shalt close thy eyes; and him who has attended thee to thy grave, another soon will lament." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"How barbarous, to deny men the privilege of pursuing what they imagine to be their proper concerns and interests! Yet, in a sense, this is just what you are doing when you allow your indignation to rise at their wrongdoing; for after all, they are only following their own apparent concerns and interests. You say they are mistaken? Why then, tell them so, and explain it to them, instead of being indignant." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Either an ordered Universe or a medley heaped together mechanically but still an order; or can order subsist in you and disorder in the Whole! And that, too, when all things are so distinguished and yet intermingled and sympathetic." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Every being ought to do that which is according to its constitution; and all other things have been constituted for the sake of the superior, but the rational for the sake of one another." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Either all things proceed from one intelligent source and come together as in one body, and the part ought not to find fault with what is done for the benefit of the whole; or there are only atoms, and nothing else than a mixture and dispersion. Why, then, art thou disturbed? Say to this ruling faculty, Art thou dead, art thou corrupted, art thou playing the hypocrite, art thou become a beast, dost thou herd and feed with the rest?" ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Why should a man have any apprehension about the change and dissolution of all the elements? For it is according to nature, and nothing is evil which is according to nature." ~ Marcus Aurelius

“Death and life, success and failure, pain and pleasure, wealth and poverty,

"Death and life, success and failure, pain and pleasure, wealth and poverty, all these happen to good and bad alike, and they are neither noble nor shameful - and hence neither good nor bad." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"The nature of the universe is the nature of things that are. Now, things that are have kinship with things that are from the beginning. Further, this nature is styled Truth; and it is the first cause of all that is true." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"And can anything else that is useful be accomplished without change? Do you not see then that for yourself also to change is just the same, and equally necessary for the universal nature?" ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Thou art a little soul bearing about a corpse." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Wherever a man lives, he may live well." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Have I done something for the general interest? Well then I have had my reward. Let this always be present to thy mind, and never stop doing such good." ~ Marcus Aurelius

Everything is interwoven, and the web is holy; none of its parts are unconnected.

"Everything is interwoven, and the web is holy; none of its parts are unconnected. They are composed harmoniously, and together - they compose the world." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"My being consists of matter and form, that is, of soul and body; annihilation will reach neither of them, for they were never produced out of nothing. The consequence is, that every part of me will serve to make something in the world; and this again will change into another part through an infinite succession of change. This constant method of alteration gave me my being, and my father before me, and so on to eternity backward: for I think I may speak thus, even though the world be confined within certain determinate periods." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"It is a shame for the soul to be first to give way in this life, when thy body does not give way." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Never forget that the universe is a single living organism possessed of one substance and one soul, holding all things suspended in a single consciousness and creating all things with a single purpose that they might work together spinning and weaving and knotting whatever comes to pass." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Is your cucumber bitter? Throw it away. Are there briars in your path? Turn aside. That is enough. Do not go on and ay, 'Why were things of this sort ever brought into the world?'" ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Prize that which is best in the universe; and this is that which useth everything and ordereth everything." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Mark how fleeting and paltry is the estate of man - yesterday in embryo, tomorrow a mummy or ashes. So for the hairsbreadth of time assigned to thee, live rationally, and part with life cheerfully, as drops the ripe olive, extolling the season that bore it and the tree that matured it." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"It is not the actions of others which trouble us (for those actions are controlled by their governing part), but rather it is our own judgments. Therefore remove those judgments and resolve to let go of your anger, and it will already be gone. How do you let go? By realizing that such actions are not shameful to you." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Remember that even if you were to live for three thousand years, or thirty thousand, you could not lose any other life than the one you have, and there will be no other life after it. So the longest and the shortest lives are the same. The present moment is shared by all living creatures, but the time that is past is gone forever. No one can lose the past or the future, for if they don't belong to you, how can they be taken from you?" ~ Marcus Aurelius

“Let thy chief fort and place of defense be a mind free from passions.

"Let thy chief fort and place of defense be a mind free from passions. A stronger place and better fortified than this, hath no man." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Not even the vicissitudes of fortune are contrary to nature or to the providential ordering of the universe. It all flows from the gods, who determine what is needed for the welfare of the whole universe, of which you are a part." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Things themselves cannot touch the soul, not in the least degree, nor have they admission to the soul nor can they turn or move the soul: it turns and moves itself alone and whatever judgment it may think proper to make, such it makes by remaking for itself the things that present themselves to it" ~ Marcus Aurelius

“If unwilling to rise in the morning, say to thyself, ‘I awake to do

"If unwilling to rise in the morning, say to thyself, 'I awake to do the work of a man." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Think nothing profitable to you which compels you to break a promise, to lose your self respect, to hate any person, to curse, to act the hypocrite." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"It is man's peculiar duty to love even those who wrong him." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"By a tranquil mind I mean nothing else than a mind well ordered." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Because your own strength is unequal to a task, do not assume it is beyond the powers of man." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Reflect frequently upon the instability of things, and how very fast the scenes of nature are shifted. Matter is in perpetual flux. Change is always and everywhere at work; it strikes through causes and effects, and leaves nothing fixed and permanent." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"No one can lose either the past or the future - how could anyone be deprived of what he does not possess? ... It is only the present moment of which either stands to be deprived: and if this is all he has, he cannot lose what he does not have." ~ Marcus Aurelius

“Love the people with whom fate brings you together”

"Love the people with whom fate brings you together" ~ Marcus Aurelius

"What is not good for the swarm is not good for the bee." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"From Apollonius I learned freedom of will and undeviating steadiness of purpose; and to look to nothing else, not even for a moment, except to reason; and to be always the same, in sharp pains, on the occasion of the loss of a child, and in long illness." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Keep in mind how fast things pass by and are gone - those that are now, and those to come. Existence flows past us like a river; the "what" is in constant flux, the "why" has a thousand variations. Nothing is stable, not even what's right here. The infinity of past and future gapes before us - a chasm whose depths we cannot see." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Unhappy am I because this has happened to me.- Not so, but happy am I, though this has happened to me, because I continue free from pain, neither crushed by the present nor fearing the future." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Flinch not, neither give up nor despair, if the achieving of every act in accordance with right principle is not always continuous with thee." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"...in the ways of Nature there is no evil to be found." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Where life is possible at all, a right life is possible; life in a palace is possible; therefore even in a palace a right life is possible." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Think not so much of what thou hast not as of what thou hast: but of the things which thou hast, select the best, and then reflect how eagerly they would have been sought, if thou hadst them not. At the same time, however, take care that thou dost not, through being so pleased with them, accustom thyself to overvalue them, so as to be disturbed if ever thou shouldst not have them." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"As the same fire assumes different shapes When it consumes objects differing in shape, So does the one Self take the shape Of every creature in whom he is present." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Though thou be destined to live three thousand years and as many myriads besides, yet remember that no man loseth other life than that which he liveth, nor liveth other than that which he loseth." ~ Marcus Aurelius

“The body of an actor can be either his best friend or his worst enemy.”

"The body of an actor can be either his best friend or his worst enemy." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Above, below, all around are the movements of the elements. But the motion of virtue is in none of these: it is something more divine, and advancing by a way hardly observed it goes happily on its road." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"The true joy of humankind is in doing that which is most proper to our nature; and the first property of people is to be kindly affected towards them that are of one kind with ourselves." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"A man's happiness,-to do the things proper to man." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Hast thou reason? I have. Why then dost not thou use it? For if this does its own work, what else dost thou wish?" ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Light may earth's crumbling sand be laid on thee, that dogs may dig thy bones up easily" ~ Marcus Aurelius

"And yet, after all, what is posthumous fame? Altogether vanity." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"If any man has done wrong, the harm is his own. But perhaps he has not done wrong." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Don't let your imagination to be crushed by life as a whole. Don't try to pictures everything bad that could possibly happen. Stick with the situation at hand. ...Then remind yourself that past and present have no power over you. Only the present." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"A man is a little soul carrying around a courpse." ~ Marcus Aurelius

Remember that all is opinion. For what was said by the Cynic Monimus

"Remember that all is opinion. For what was said by the Cynic Monimus is manifest: and manifest too is the use of what was said, if a man receives what may be got out of it as far as it is true." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"The universal nature has no external space; but the wondrous part of her art is that though she has circumscribed herself, everything which is within her which appears to decay and to grow old and to be useless she changes into herself, and again makes other new things from these very same, so that she requires neither substance from without nor wants a place into which she may cast that which decays. She is content then with her own space, and her own matter, and her own art." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"They know not how many things are signified by the words stealing, sowing, buying, keeping quiet, seeing what ought to be done; for this is not effected by the eyes, but by another kind of vision." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Wilt thou, then, my soul, never be good and simple and one and naked, more manifest than the body which surrounds thee?" ~ Marcus Aurelius

"I will march on in the path of nature till my legs sink under me, and then I shall be at rest, and expire into that air which has given me my daily breath." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"What use do I put my soul to? It is a serviceable question this, and should frequently be put to oneself. How does my ruling part stand affected? And whose soul have I now? That of a child, or a young man, or a feeble woman, or of a tyrant, of cattle or wild beasts." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Embellish the soul with simplicity, with prudence, and everything which is neither virtuous nor vicious. Love all men. Walk according to God; for, as a poet hath said, his laws govern all." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Men seek out retreats for themselves in the country, by the seaside, on the moutains . . . But all this is unphilosophical to the last degree . . . when thou canst at a moment's notice retire into thyself." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Everything is here for a purpose, from horses to vine shoots. What's surprising about that? Even the sun will tell you, "I have a purpose," and the other goods as well." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Let it judge that nothing is either bad or good which can happen equally to the bad man and the good. For that which happens equally to him who lives contrary to nature and to him who lives according to nature, is neither according to nature nor contrary to nature." ~ Marcus Aurelius

“I search after truth, by which man never yet was harmed.”

"I search after truth, by which man never yet was harmed." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Remember that neither the future nor the past pains thee, but only the present. But this is reduced to a very little, if thou only circumscribest it, and chidest thy mind, if it is unable to hold out against even this." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"The whole universe is change and life itself is but what you deem it - either gratefully better than or bitterly worse than something else that you alone choose." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Just as the sand-dunes, heaped one upon another, hide each the first, so in life the former deeds are quickly hidden by those that follow after." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Deem not life a thing of consequence. For look at the yawning void of the future, and at that other limitless space, the past." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"It is a ridiculous thing for a man not to fly from his own badness, which is indeed possible, but to fly from other men's badness, which is impossible." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"You exist but as a part inherent in a greater whole. Do not live as though you had a thousand years before you. The common due impends; while you live, and while you may, be good." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"If I and my two children cannot move the gods, the gods must have their reasons." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Remember that the sole life which a man can lose is that which he is living at the moment." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Each of us needs what nature gives us, when nature gives us." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"...small too even the longest fame thereafter, which is itself subject to a succession of little men who quickly die, and have no knowledge of themselves, let alone of those long dead." ~ Marcus Aurelius

“The world is mere change, and this life, opinion.”

"The world is mere change, and this life, opinion." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Reflect often upon the rapidity with which all existing things, or things coming into existence, sweep past us and are carried away." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Pass then through this little space of time conformably to nature, and end thy journey in content, just as an olive falls off when it is ripe, blessing nature who produced it, and thanking the tree on which it grew." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"A man should remove not only unnecessary acts, but also unnecessary thoughts, for then superfluous activity will not follow." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Be not as one that hath ten thousand years to live; death is nigh at hand: while thou livest, while thou hast time, be good." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"All that is not eternal is eternally out of date. C. S. LEWIS, The Four Loves Life is short. Eternity is long. BENTLEY LITTLE, His Father's Son What we do now echoes in eternity." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"It were well to die if there be gods, and sad to live if there be none." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"That which had grown from the earth, to the earth, But that which has sprung from heavenly seed, Back to the heavenly realms returns. This is either a dissolution of the mutual involution of the atoms, or a similar dispersion of the unsentient elements." ~ Marcus Aurelius

The art of living is more like wrestling than dancing, in so far

"The art of living is more like wrestling than dancing, in so far as it stands ready against the accidental and the unforeseen, and is not apt to fall." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"When thou art offended at any man's fault, forthwith turn to thyself and reflect in what manner thou doest error thyself. For by attending to this thou wilt quickly forget thy anger, if this consideration is also added, that the man is compelled; for what else could he do? or, if thou art able, take away from him the compulsion." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Ambition means tying your well-being to what other people say or do. Self-indulgence means tying it to the things that happen to you. Sanity means tying it to your own actions." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"As for others whose lives are not so ordered, he reminds himself constantly of the characters they exhibit daily and nightly at home and abroad, and of the sort of society they frequent; and the approval of such men, who do not even stand well in their own eyes, has no value for him." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"In this flowing stream, then, on which there is no abiding, what is there of the things which hurry by on which a man would set a high price? It would be just as if a man should fall in love with one of the sparrows which fly by, but it has already passed out of sight." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"God sees the minds (ruling principles) of all men bared of the material vesture and rind and impurities. For with his intellectual part alone he touches the intelligence only which has flowed and been derived from himself into these bodies. And if thou also usest thyself to do this, thou wilt rid thyself of thy much trouble. For he who regards not the poor flesh which envelops him, surely will not trouble himself by looking after raiment and dwelling and fame and such like externals and show." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Every soul, the philosopher says, is involuntarily deprived of truth; consequently in the same way it is deprived of justice and temperance and benevolence and everything of the kind. It is most necessary to keep this in mind, for thus thou wilt be more gentle towards all." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"How soon will time cover all things." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"We must press on then, in haste; not simply because every hour brings us nearer to death, but because even before then our powers of perception and comprehension begin to deteriorate." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Turn thy thoughts now to the consideration of thy life, thy life as a child, as a youth, thy manhood, thy old age, for in these also every change was a death. Is this anything to fear?" ~ Marcus Aurelius

"As surgeons keep their instruments and knives always at hand for cases requiring immediate treatment, so shouldst thou have thy thoughts ready to understand things divine and human, remembering in thy every act, even the smallest, how close is the bond that unites the two." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"There are three relations [between thee and other things]: the one to the body which surrounds thee; the second to the divine cause from which all things come to all; and the third to those who live with thee." ~ Marcus Aurelius

To a rational being it is the same thing to act according to nature

"To a rational being it is the same thing to act according to nature and according to reason." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"If this is neither my own badness, nor an effect of my own badness, and the common weal is not injured, why am I troubled about it? And what is the harm to the common weal?" ~ Marcus Aurelius

"In death, Alexander of Macedon's end differed no whit from his stable-boy's. Either both were received into the same generative principle of the universe, or both alike were dispersed into atoms." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Perhaps there are none more lazy, or more truly ignorant, than your everlasting readers." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"If souls continue to exist, how does the air contain them from eternity?" ~ Marcus Aurelius

"I am called to man's labour; why then do I make a difficulty if I am going out to do what I was born to do and what I was brought into the world for?" ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Be not unwilling in what thou doest, neither selfish nor unadvised nor obstinate; let not over-refinement deck out thy thought; be not wordy nor a busybody." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"The cucumber is bitter? Then throw it out. There are brambles in the path? Then go around them. That's all you need to know. Nothing more. Don't demand to know "why such things exist." Anyone who understands the world will laugh at you, just as a carpenter would if you seemed shocked at finding sawdust in his workshop, or a shoemaker at scraps of leather left over from work." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"God overrules all mutinous accidents, brings them under His laws of fate, and makes them all serviceable to His purpose." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Vex not thy spirit at the course of things, they heed not thy vexations" ~ Marcus Aurelius

"The rottenness of the matter which is the foundation of everything!" ~ Marcus Aurelius

"On the occasion of every act ask thyself, How is this with respect to me? Shall I repent of it? A little time and I am dead, and all is gone." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Cinna wishes to seem poor, and is poor" ~ Marcus Aurelius

“All things change, and you yourself are constantly wasting

"All things change, and you yourself are constantly wasting away. So also is the universe." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"As for literature, thefts cannot harm it, while the lapse of ages augments its value" ~ Marcus Aurelius

"This is enough. Do not add, And why were such things made in the world?" ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Depart then satisfied, for he also who releases thee is satisfied." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Rememberest the gods, and that they wish not to be flattered, but wish all reasonable beings to be made like themselves; and... rememberest that what does the work of a fig-tree is a fig-tree, and that what does the work of a dog is a dog, and that what does the work of a bee is a bee, and that what does the work of a man is a man." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"The longest-lived and the shortest-lived man, when they come to die, lose one and the same thing." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"My only fear is doing something contrary to human nature - the wrong thing, the wrong way, or at the wrong time." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"When thou art above measure angry, bethink thee how momentary is man's life." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Thanks to the gods I didn't spend much time while growing up with my grandfather's mistress and preserved the flower of my youth, waiting for the proper time to demonstrate my virility." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Spend your brief moment according to nature's law, and serenely greet the journey's end as an olive falls when it is ripe, blessing the branch that bare it, and giving thanks to the tree that gave it life." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Men exist for each other. Then either improve them, or put up with them." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"The universal nature out of the universal substance, as if it were wax, now molds a horse, and when it has broken this up, it uses the material for a tree, then for a man, then for something else." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"It is a base thing for the countenance to be obedient and to regulate and compose itself as the mind commands, and for the mind not to be regulated and composed by itself." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Do what nature now requires. Set thyself in motion, if it is in thy power, and do not look about thee to see if any one will observe it; nor yet expect Plato's Republic: but be content if the smallest thing goes on well, and consider such an event to be no small matter." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Say to yourself in the early morning: I shall meet today ungrateful, violent, treacherous, envious, uncharitable men. All of these things have come upon them through ignorance of real good and ill... I can neither be harmed by any of them, for no man will involve me in wrong, nor can I be angry with my kinsman or hate him; for we have come into the world to work together." ~ Marcus Aurelius