ᐅ169+ Best & Most Important Quotes From Marcus Aurelius

"Understand however that every man is worth just so much as the things are worth about which he busies himself." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"You are a little soul bearing about a corpse, as Epictetus used to say." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"All is as thinking makes it so" ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Give full attention and devotion to each act." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Death, like birth, is one of nature's mysteries, the combining of primal elements and dissolving of the same into the same." ~ Marcus Aurelius

“Short is the little which remains to thee of life. Live as on a mountain.”

"Short is the little which remains to thee of life. Live as on a mountain." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Remember this - that there is a proper dignity and proportion to be observed in the performance of every act of life." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Look within. Within is the fountain of good, and it will ever bubble up, if thou wilt ever dig." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Your mind will be like its habitual thoughts; for the soul becomes dyed with the color of its thoughts. Soak it then in such trains of thoughts as, for example: Where life is possible at all, a right life is possible." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Keep constantly in mind in how many things you yourself have witnessed changes already. The universe is change, life is understanding." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Look beneath the surface; let not the several quality of a thing nor its worth escape thee." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"No one wearies of benefits received." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Take full account of what Excellencies you possess, and in gratitude remember how you would hanker after them, if you had them not." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Most of what we say and do is unnecessary: remove the superfluity, and you will have more time and less bother. So in every case one should prompt oneself: 'Is this, or is it not, something necessary?' And the removal of the unnecessary should apply not only to actions but to thoughts also: then no redundant actions either will follow." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Though you break your heart, men will go on as before." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Outward objects cannot take hold of the soul, nor force their passage into her, nor set any of her wheels going. No, the impression comes from herself, and it is her own motions which affect her. As for the contingencies of fortune, they are either great or little, according to the opinion she has of her own strength." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Let not your mind run on what you lack as much as on what you have already." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Gluttony and drunkenness have two evils attendant on them; they make the carcass smart, as well as the pocket." ~ Marcus Aurelius

“A man’s life is what his thoughts make of it.”

"A man's life is what his thoughts make of it." ~ Marcus Aurelius

“Life is neither good or evil, but only a place for good and evil.”

"Life is neither good or evil, but only a place for good and evil." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"To no man make yourself a boon companion: Your joy will be less but less will be your grief" ~ Marcus Aurelius

"It is a disgrace to let ignorance and vanity do more with us than prudence and principle." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"We are born for cooperation, as are the feet, the hands, the eyelids, and the upper and lower jaws." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Live not as though there were a thousand years ahead of you. Fate is at your elbow; make yourself good while life and power are still yours." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Don't go on discussing what a good person should be. Just be one." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Get rid of the judgement ... get rid of the 'I am hurt,' you are rid of the hurt itself." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Be like the rocky headland on which the waves constantly break. It stands firm, and round it the seething waters are laid to rest." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"A man does not sin by commission only, but often by omission." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"A great estate is a great disadvantage to those who do not know how to use it, for nothing is more common than to see wealthy persons live scandalously and miserably; riches do them no service in order to virtue and happiness; therefore 'tis precept and principle, not an estate, that makes a man good for something." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"A noble man compares and estimates himself by an idea which is higher than himself; and a mean man, by one lower than himself. The one produces aspiration; the other ambition, which is the way in which a vulgar man aspires." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"In the morning when thou risest unwillingly, let this thought be present - I am rising to the work of a human being. Why then am I dissatisfied if I am going to do the things for which I exist and for which I was brought into the world?" ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Constantly regard the universe as one living being, having one substance and one soul; and observe how all things have reference to one perception, the perception of this one living being; and how all things act with one movement; and how all things are the cooperating causes of all things which exist; observe too the continuous spinning of the thread and the contexture of the web." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Receive the gifts of fortune without pride, and part with them without reluctance." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"What doesn't transmit light creates its own darkness." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"There is nothing happens to any person but what was in his power to go through with." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"To my great-grandfather I owed the advice to dispense with the education of the schools and have good masters at home instead - and to realize that no expense should be grudged for this purpose." ~ Marcus Aurelius

“There is change in all things. You yourself are subject to continual change and some decay

"There is change in all things. You yourself are subject to continual change and some decay, and this is common to the entire universe." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"What springs from earth dissolves to earth again, and heaven-born things fly to their native seat." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Life is a campaign, a brief staying in a strange region." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"For nowhere either with more quiet or more freedom from trouble does a man retire than into his own soul, particularly when he has within him such thoughts that by looking into them he is immediately in perfect tranquility; and I affirm that tranquility is nothing else than the good ordering of the mind." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Men are born for each other's sake, so either teach people or endure them" ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Accept whatever comes to you woven in the pattern of your destiny, for what could more aptly fit your needs?" ~ Marcus Aurelius

"A man should always have these two rules in readiness. First, to do only what the reason of your ruling and legislating faculties suggest for the service of man. Second, to change your opinion whenever anyone at hand sets you right and unsettles you in an opinion, but this change of opinion should come only because you are persuaded that something is just or to the public advantage, not because it appears pleasant or increases your reputation." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"A man must stand erect, not be kept erect by others." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"When the sovereign spirit within us is true to nature, it stands poised and ready to adjust to every change in circumstances and to seize each new opportunity. It doesn't approach an object with prejudice or preconception, but handles each thing dispassionately before embracing it and, if necessary, finds advantage in what opposes it. It is like fire in this regard. Whereas a feeble flame might suffocate under a pile of dry sticks, a robust fire consumes everything it touches. The more objects of any kind heaped on it, the higher it rises, the hotter it burns." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"As far as you can, get into the habit of asking yourself in relation to any action taken by another: "What is his point of reference here?" But begin with yourself: examine yourself first." ~ Marcus Aurelius

“Adapt yourself to the things among which your lot has been cast and love sincerely

"Adapt yourself to the things among which your lot has been cast and love sincerely the fellow creatures with whom destiny has ordained that you shall live." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Objective judgement, now, at this very moment. Unselfish action, now, at this very moment. Willing acceptance - now, at this very moment - of all external events. That's all you need." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"What we cannot bear removes us from life; what remains can be borne." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Observe constantly that all things take place by change, and accustom thyself to consider that the nature of the Universe loves nothing so much as to change the things which are, and to make new things like them." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Remember that to change your mind and follow him who sets you right is to be none the less free than you were before." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Failure to read what is happening in another's soul is not easily seen as a cause of unhappiness: but those who fail to attend the motions of their own soul are necessarily unhappy." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"When jarred, unavoidably, by circumstance revert at once to yourself and don't lose the rhythm more than you can help. You'll have a better grasp of harmony if you keep going back to it." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Since it is possible that thou mayest depart from life this very moment, regulate every act and thought accordingly. But to go away from among men, if there are gods, is not a thing to be afraid of, for the gods will not involve thee in evil; but if indeed they do not exist, or if they have no concern about human affairs, what is it to me to live in a universe devoid of gods or devoid of Providence? But Gods there are, undoubtedly, and they regard human affairs; and have put it wholly in our power, that we should not fall into what is truly evil." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Each thing is of like form from everlasting and comes round again in its cycle..." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"I was once a fortunate man but at some point fortune abandoned me. But true good fortune is what you make for yourself. Good fortune: good character, good intentions, and good actions." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Death, like birth, is a secret of Nature." ~ Marcus Aurelius

""Sweep me up and send me where you please." For there I will retain my spirit, tranquil and content, as long as it can feel and act in harmony with its own nature. Is a change of place enough reason for my soul to become unhappy and worn, for me to become depressed, humbled, cowering, and afraid? Can you discover any reasons for this?" ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Do not expect Plato's ideal republic; be satisfied with even the smallest step forward, and consider this no small achievement." ~ Marcus Aurelius

“That which comes after ever conforms to that which has gone before.”

"That which comes after ever conforms to that which has gone before." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Our inward power, when it obeys nature, reacts to events by accommodating itself to what it faces - to what is possible. It needs no specific material. It pursues its own aims as circumstances allow; it turns obstacles into fuel. As a fire overwhelms what would have quenched a lamp. What's thrown on top of the conflagration is absorbed, consumed by it - and makes it burn still higher." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"The universe is transformation: life is opinion." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Do not suffer a sudden impression to overbear your judgment." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"The best revenge is to be unlike him who performed the injury." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Observe always that everything is the result of a change, and get used to thinking that there is nothing Nature loves so well as to change existing forms and to make new ones like them." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Even the stoics agree that certainty is very hard to come at; that our assent is worth little, for where is infallibility to be found?" ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Despise not death, but welcome it, for nature wills it like all else." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Forward, as occasion offers. Never look round to see whether any shall note it.... Be satisfied with success in even the smallest matter, and think that even such a result is no trifle." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Dig inside. Inside is the fountain of good, and it will forever flow, if you will forever dig." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Take it that you have died today, and your life's story is ended; and henceforward regard what future time may be given you as uncovenanted surplus, and live it out in harmony with nature." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Everything is ephemeral, both that which remembers and that which is remembered." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"...if a man comes to his fortieth year, and has any understanding at all, he has virtually seen - thanks to their similarity - all possible happenings, both past and to come." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Constantly contemplate the whole of time and the whole of substance, and consider that all individual things as to substance are a grain of a fig, and as to time the turning of a gimlet ." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Adorn thyself with simplicity and with indifference towards the things which lie between virtue and vice. Love mankind. Follow God. The poet says that Law rules all. And it is enough to remember that law rules all." ~ Marcus Aurelius

“Nothing proceeds from nothingness, as also nothing passes away into non-existence.”

"Nothing proceeds from nothingness, as also nothing passes away into non-existence." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Do you see what little is required of a man to live a well-tempered and god-fearing life? Obey these precepts, and the gods will ask nothing more." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Leave the wrong done by another where the wrong arose." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Every instant of time... is a pinprick of eternity." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"It is within our power not to make a judgement about something, and so not disturb our minds; for nothing in itself possesses the power to form our judgements." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"...the sole thing of which any man can be deprived is the present; since this is all he owns, and nobody can lose what is not his." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Do not act as if you had a thousand years to live." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Take away your opinion, and then there is taken away the complaint, 'I have been harmed.' Take away the complaint, 'I have been harmed,' and the harm is taken away." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"If any man should conceive certain things as being really good, such as prudence, temperance, justice, fortitude, he would not after having first conceived these endure to listen to anything which should not be in harmony with what is really good." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Suppose that men kill thee, cut thee in pieces, curse thee, what can these things do to prevent thy mind from remaining pure, wise, sober, just?" ~ Marcus Aurelius

"People generally despise where they flatter, and cringe to those they would gladly overtop; so that truth and ceremony are two things." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Death is a release from the impressions of the senses, and from desires that make us their puppets, and from the vagaries of the mind, and from the hard service of the flesh." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"No one can keep you from living as your nature requires. Nothings can happen to you that is not required by Nature." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Men despise one another and flatter one another; and men wish to raise themselves above one another, and crouch before one another." ~ Marcus Aurelius

“No one loses any other life than the one he now lives, nor does one live any other life than

"No one loses any other life than the one he now lives, nor does one live any other life than that which he will lose." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"It is a sin to persue pleasure as a good and to avoid pain as a evil." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Everything harmonizes with me, which is harmonious to thee, o Universe. Nothing for me is too early or too late, which is in due time for thee." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"How many after being celebrated by fame have been given up to oblivion; and how many who have celebrated the fame of others have long been dead." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"People find pressure in different ways. I find it in keeping my mind clear. In not turning away from people or the things that happen to them. In accepting and welcoming everything I see. In treating each thing as it deserves." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"You don't have to turn this into something. It doesn't have to upset you. Things can't shape our decisions by themselves." ~ Marcus Aurelius

“Neither in writing nor in reading wilt thou be able to lay down rules for others

"Neither in writing nor in reading wilt thou be able to lay down rules for others before thou shalt have first learned to obey rules thyself." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"To live each day as though one's last, never flustered, never apathetic, never attitudinizing - here is the perfection of character." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"If any man can convince me and bring home to me that I do not think or act aright, gladly will I change; for I search after truth, by which man never yet was harmed. But he is harmed who abideth on still in his deception and ignorance." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Were you to live three thousand years, or even thirty thousand, remember that the sole life which a man can lose is that which he is living at the moment; and furthermore, that he can have no other life except the one he loses." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"For any particular thing, ask: What is it in itself? What is its nature?" ~ Marcus Aurelius

"He that dies in extreme old age will be reduced to the same state with him that is cut down untimely." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"We are the other of the other" ~ Marcus Aurelius

“Time is a kind of river, an irresistible flood sweeping up men and events and carrying

"Time is a kind of river, an irresistible flood sweeping up men and events and carrying them headlong, one after the other, to the great sea of being." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"All that happens is as usual and familiar as the rose in spring and the crop in summer." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Keep yourself simple, good, pure, serious, and unassuming; the friend of justice and godliness; kindly, affectionate, and resolute in your devotion to duty." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"A spider is proud when it has caught a fly; one man when he has caught a poor hare, and another when he has taken a little fish in a net, and another when he has taken wild boars, and another when he has taken bears, and another when he has taken Sarmatians. Are not these robbers, if you examine their opinions?" ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Always follow these two rules: first, act only on what your reasoning mind proposes for the good of humanity, and second, change your opinion if someone shows you it's wrong. This change of mind must proceed only from the conviction that it's both correct and for the common good, but not because it will give you pleasure and make you popular." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Try to live the life of the good man who is more than content with what is allocated to him." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Begin - to begin is half the work, let half still remain; again begin this, and thou wilt have finished." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Things that have a common quality ever quickly seek their kind." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Live with the gods. And he does so who constantly shows them that his soul is satisfied with what is assigned to him." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"The soul is dyed by the thoughts. Dye it then, with a continuous series of such thoughts as these - that where a man can live, there - if he will - he can also live well." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"When you have done a good deed that another has had the benefit of, why do you need a third reward-as fools do-praise for having done well or looking for a favor in return." ~ Marcus Aurelius

“Even while a thing is in the act of coming into existence, some part of it has already

"Even while a thing is in the act of coming into existence, some part of it has already ceased to be." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Which is recorded of Socrates, that he was able both to abstain from, and to enjoy, those things which many are too weak to abstain from, and cannot enjoy without excess. But to be strong enough both to bear the one and to be sober in the other is the mark of a man who has a perfect and invincible soul." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Everything is in a state of metamorphosis. Thou thyself art in everlasting change and in corruption to correspond; so is the whole universe." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"If you do everything as if it were the last thing you were doing in your life, and stop being aimless, stop letting your emotions override what your mind tells you, stop being hypocritical, self-centered, irritable." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Tomorrow is nothing, today is too late; the good lived yesterday." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"If souls survive death for all eternity, how can the heavens hold them all? Or for that matter, how can the earth hold all the bodies that have been buried in it? The answers are the same. Just as on earth, with the passage of time, decaying and transmogrified corpses make way for the newly dead, so souls released into the heavens, after a season of flight, begin to break up, burn, and be absorbed back into the womb of reason, leaving room for souls just beginning to fly. This is the answer for those who believe that souls survive death." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"This is the chief thing: be not perturbed, for all things are according to the nature of the universal." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Persuade me or prove to me that I am mistaken in thought or deed, and I will gladly change - for it is the truth I seek, and the truth never harmed anyone. Harm comes from persisting in error and clinging to ignorance." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Within ten days thou wilt seem a god to those to whom thou art now a beast and an ape, if thou wilt return to thy principles and the worship of reason." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"The stone that is thrown into the air is none the worse for falling down, and none the better for going up." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Never value anything as profitable to thyself which shall compel thee to break thy promise, to lose thy self-respect, to hate any man, to suspect, to curse, to act the hypocrite, to desire anything which needs walls and curtains." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"The universe is in change, life is an opinion." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Observe and contemplate on the hidden things of life: how a man's seed is but the beginning, it takes others to bring it to fruition. Think how food undergoes such changes to produce health and strength. See the power of these hidden things which, like the wind cannot been seen, but its effects can be." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Misfortune nobly born is good fortune." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"But if anything in thy own dispositiongives thee pain, who hinders thee from correcting thy opinion? And even if thou art pained because thou art not doing some particular thing which seems to thee to be right, why dost thou not rather act than complain?- But some insuperable obstacle is in the way?- Do not be grieved then, for the cause of its not being done depends not on thee.- But it is not worth while to live if this cannot be done.- Take thy departure then from life contentedly, just as he dies who is in full activity, and well pleased too with the things which are obstacles." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Observe the movements of the stars as if you were running their courses with them, and let your mind constantly dwell on the changes of the elements into each other. Such imaginings wash away the filth of life on the ground." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"How ridiculous not to flee from one's own wickedness, which is possible, yet endeavor to flee from another's which is not." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Where any work can be done conformably to the reason which is common to gods and men, there we have nothing to fear; for where we are able to get profit by means of the activity which is successful and proceeds according to our constitution, there no harm is to be suspected." ~ Marcus Aurelius

“Nothing befalls a man except what is in his nature to endure.”

"Nothing befalls a man except what is in his nature to endure." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Men exist for the sake of one another." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Death - a stopping of impressions through the senses, and of the pulling of the cords of motion, and of the ways of thought, and of service to the flesh." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Give your heart to the trade you have learnt, and draw refreshment from it. Let the rest of your days be spent as one who has whole-heartedly committed his all to the gods and is thenceforth no man's master or slave." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Let it be your constant method to look into the design of people's actions, and see what they would be at, as often as it is practicable; and to make this custom the more significant, practice it first upon yourself." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Such as are thy habitual thoughts, such also will be the character of thy mind; for the soul is dyed by the thoughts." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"There is a limit circumscribed to your time – if you do not use it to clear away your clouds, it will be gone, and you will be gone, and the opportunity will not return" ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Everything that happens either happens in such a way as you are formed by nature to bear it, or as you are not formed by nature to bear it." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Stop talking about what the good man is like, and just be one." ~ Marcus Aurelius

“Consider that everything is opinion, and opinion is in thy power.

"Consider that everything is opinion, and opinion is in thy power." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"From Plato: the man who has an elevated mind and takes a view of all time and of all substance, dost thou suppose it possible for him to think that human life is anything great? It is not possible, he said. Such a man then will think that death also is no evil." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"The gods have provided me with clear and compelling signs of what it means to live in conformity to nature. They did their part. So far as their gifts, aid, and inspiration are concerned, nothing prevented me from following the path prescribed by nature. If from time to time I have strayed from this path, the fault lies with me and with my failure to heed the gods' signs, or rather, their explicit instructions." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"The one thing worth living for is to keep one's soul pure." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"This is the mark of a perfect character - to pass through each day as though it were the last, without agitation, without torpor, and without pretense." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"That which is really beautiful has no need of anything; not more than law, not more than truth, not more than benevolence or modesty." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Whatever any one does or says, I must be good; just as if the emerald were always saying this: "Whatever any one does or says, I must still be emerald, and keep my color." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"What matter and opportunity [for thy activity] art thou avoiding? For what else are all these things, except exercises for the reason, when it has viewed carefully and by examination into their nature the things which happen in life? Persevere then until thou shalt have made these things thy own, as the stomach which is strengthened makes all things its own, as the blazing fire makes flame and brightness out of everything that is thrown into it." ~ Marcus Aurelius

“Limit time to the present. Meditate upon your last hour.”

"Limit time to the present. Meditate upon your last hour." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"One whose chief regard is for his own mind, and for the divinity within him and the service of its goodness, will strike no poses, utter no complaints, and crave neither for solitude nor yet for a crowd. Best of all, his life will be free from continual pursuing and avoiding." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"To live happily is an inward power of the soul." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"In the life of a man, his time is but a moment, his being an incessant flux, his sense a dim rushlight, his body a prey of worms, his soul an unquiet eddy, his fortune dark, his fame doubtful. In short, all that is body is as coursing waters, all that is of the soul as dreams and vapors." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Consider when thou art much vexed or grieved, that man's life is only a moment, and after a short time we are all laid out dead." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Always take the short cut; and that is the rational one. Therefore say and do everything according to soundest reason." ~ Marcus Aurelius

“The best sort of revenue is not to be like him who did the injury.”

"The best sort of revenue is not to be like him who did the injury." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"No matter what anyone says or does, my task is to be emerald, my color undiminished." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Leave other people's mistakes where they lie." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"From the philosopher Catulus, never to be dismissive of a friend's accusation, even if it seems unreasonable, but to make every effort to restore the relationship to its normal condition." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Is any man afraid of change? Why what can take place without change? What then is more pleasing or more suitable to the universal nature?" ~ Marcus Aurelius

"He who follows reason in all things is both tranquil and active at the same time, and also cheerful and collected." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Nothing happens to any man that he is not formed by nature to bear." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Consider in what condition both in body and soul a man should be when he is overtaken by death; and consider the shortness of life, the boundless abyss of time past and future, the feebleness of all matter." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"In the case of all things which have a certain constitution, whatever harm may happen to any of them, that which is affected becomes consequently worse; but in like case, a man becomes both better... and more worthy of praise, by making the right use of these accidents." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Suppose that thou hast detached thyself from the natural unity... yet here there is this beautiful provision, that it is in thy power again to unite thyself. God has allowed this to no other part, after it has been separated and cut asunder, to come together again. ...he has distinguished man, for he has put it in his power not to be separated at all from the universal ...he has allowed him to be returned and to be united and to resume his place as a part." ~ Marcus Aurelius

“The lot assigned to every man is suited to him, and suits him to itself.”

"The lot assigned to every man is suited to him, and suits him to itself." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Death hangs over thee, While thou still live, while thou may, do good." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Only to the rational animal is it given to follow voluntarily what happens; but simply to follow is a necessity imposed on all." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"He who fears death either fears the loss of sensation or a different kind of sensation. But if thou shalt have no sensation, neither wilt thou feel any harm; and if thou shalt acquire another kind of sensation, thou wilt be a different kind of living being and thou wilt not cease to live." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Everywhere and at all times it is in thy power piously to acquiesce in thy present condition, and to behave justly to those who are about thee, and to exert thy skill upon thy present thoughts, that nothing shall steal into them without being well examined." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"People who labor all their lives but have no purpose to direct every thought and impulse toward are wasting their time-even when hard at work." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Search men's governing principles, and consider the wise, what they shun and what they cleave to." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Aptitude found in the understanding and is often inherited. Genius coming from reason and imagination, rarely." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Pray look upon the plants and birds, the ants, spiders, and bees, and you will see them all exerting their nature, and busy in their station. Pray, shall not a man act like a man?" ~ Marcus Aurelius

"All things fade and quickly turn to myth." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Anything in any way beautiful derives its beauty from itself and asks nothing beyond itself. Praise is no part of it, for nothing is made worse or better by praise." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Where a man can live, he can also live well." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"After all, what does fame everlasting mean? Mere vanity." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"So you know how things stand. Now forget what they think of you. Be satisfied if you can live the rest of your life, however short, as your nature demands. Focus on that, and don't let anything distract you. You've wandered all over and finally realized that you never found what you were after: how to live. Not in syllogisms, not in money, or fame, or self-indulgence. Nowhere." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Can we wonder that men perish and are forgotten, when their noblest and most enduring works decay? Death comes even to monumental structures, and oblivion rests on the most illustrious names." ~ Marcus Aurelius

“Love only what befalls you and is spun for you by fate.”

"Love only what befalls you and is spun for you by fate." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"The things... which are proper to the understanding no other man is used to impede, for neither fire, nor iron, nor tyrant, nor abuse, touches it in any way. When it has been made a sphere, it continues a sphere." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"In man's life, time is but a moment; being, a flux; sense is dim; the material frame corruptible; soul, an eddy of breath; fortune a thing inscrutable, and fame precarious." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"If mind is common to us, then also the reason, whereby we are reasoning beings, is common. If this be so, then also the reason which enjoins what is to be done or left undone is common. If this be so, law also is common; if this be so, we are citizens; if this be so, we are partakers in one constitution; if this be so, the Universe is a kind of Commonwealth." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"It is right that man should love those who have offended him. He will do so when he remembers that all men are his relations, and that it is through ignorance and involuntarily that they sin,--and then we all die so soon." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Know the joy of life by piling good deed on good deed until no rift or cranny appears between them." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"You need to be prepared for firm decisions and action, without losing gentleness towards those who obstruct or abuse you. It's as great a weakness to be angry with them as it is to abandon your plan of action and give up through fear." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Whatever may happen to thee, it was prepared for thee from all eternity." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Severally on the occasion of everything that thou doest, pause and ask thyself, if death is a dreadful thing because it deprives thee of this." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Infinity is a fathomless gulf, into which all things vanish." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Every moment think steadily as a Roman and a man to do what thou hast in hand with perfect and simple dignity, and feeling of affection, and freedom, and justice; and to give thyself relief from all other thoughts. And thou wilt give thyself relief, if thou doest every act of thy life as if it were the last, laying aside all carelessness and passionate aversion from the commands of reason, and all hypocrisy, and self-love, and discontent with the portion which has been given to thee." ~ Marcus Aurelius

“Things can never touch the soul, but stand inert outside it, so that disquiet can arise

"Things can never touch the soul, but stand inert outside it, so that disquiet can arise only from fancies within." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"The gods sustain and guide all their works." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"But if we judge only those things which are in our power to be good or bad, there remains no reason either for finding fault with God or standing in a hostile attitude to man." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"The memory of everything is very soon overwhelmed in time." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Since you are an integral part of a social system, let every act of yours contribute to the harmonization of social life. Any action that is not related directly or remotely to this social aim disturbs your life, and destroys your unity." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"All things of the body stream away like a river, all things of the mind are dreams and delusion; life is warfare, and a visit to a strange land; the only lasting fame is oblivion." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"... Allow yourself a space of quiet, wherein you can add to your knowledge of the Good and learn to curb your restlessness. Guard also against another kind of error: the folly of those who weary their days in much business, but lack any aim on which their whole effort, nay, their whole thought, is focused." ~ Marcus Aurelius

“One universe made up all that is; and one God in it all, and one principle of being, and

"One universe made up all that is; and one God in it all, and one principle of being, and one law, the reason shared by all thinking creatures, and one truth." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"And thou wilt give thyself relief, if thou doest every act of thy life as if it were the last." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Remind oneself continually of one of those who practiced virtue in days gone by." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Art thou angry with him whose armpits stink? Art thou angry with him whose mouth smells foul?" ~ Marcus Aurelius

"The gods gave me a father who ruled over me and rid me of any trace of arrogance and showed me that one can live in a palace without bodyguards, extravagant attire, chandeliers, statues, and other luxuries. He taught me that it is possible to live instead pretty much in the manner of a private citizen without losing any of the dignity and authority a ruler must possess to discharge his imperial duties effectively." ~ Marcus Aurelius

“Because a thing is difficult for you, do not therefore suppose it to be beyond mortal

"Because a thing is difficult for you, do not therefore suppose it to be beyond mortal power. On the contrary, if anything is possible and proper for man to do, assume that it must fall within your own capacity." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"The passing minute is every man's equal possession but what has once gone by is not ours." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Receive wealth or prosperity without arrogance; and be ready to let it go." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Purge your mind of all aimless and idle thoughts, especially those that pry into the affairs of others or wish them ill." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Thou seest how few be the things, the which if a man has at his command his life flows gently on and is divine." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"The mind in itself wants nothing, unless it creates a want for itself; therefore it is both free from perturbation and unimpeded, if it does not perturb and impede itself." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Consider thyself to be dead, and to have completed thy life up to the present time; and live according to nature the remainder which is allowed thee." ~ Marcus Aurelius

“All those [events in history] were such dramas as we see now, only with different actors.”

"All those [events in history] were such dramas as we see now, only with different actors." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Neither in thy actions be sluggish nor in thy conversation without method, nor wandering in thy thoughts, nor let there be in thy soul inward contention nor external effusion, nor in life be so busy as to have no leisure." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Think of all the years passed by in which you said to yourself "I'll do it tomorrow," and how the gods have again and again granted you periods of grace of which you have not availed yourself. It is time to realize that you are a member of the Universe, that you are born of Nature itself, and to know that a limit has been set to your time. Use every moment wisely, to perceive your inner refulgence, or 'twill be gone and nevermore within your reach." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"All men are made one for another: either then teach them better or bear with them." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Each of us lives only now, this brief instant. The rest been lived already, or is impossible to see. The span we live is small - small as the corner of the earth in which we live it." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"In the case of most pains let this remark of Epicurus aid thee, that the pain is neither intolerable nor everlasting, if thou bear in mind that it has its limits, and if thou addest nothing to it in imagination." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Why dost thou not pray... to give thee the faculty of not fearing any of the things which thou fearest, or of not desiring any of the things which thou desirest, or not being pained at anything, rather than pray that any of these things should not happen or happen?" ~ Marcus Aurelius

“It is satisfaction to a man to do the proper works of a man.”

"It is satisfaction to a man to do the proper works of a man." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Live a good life. If there are gods and they are just, then they will not care how devout you have been, but will welcome you based on the virtues you have lived by. If there are gods, but unjust, then you should not want to worship them. If there are no gods, then you will be gone, but will have lived a noble life that will live on in the memories of your loved ones." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Nature in no case cometh short of art, for the arts are copiers of natural forms." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Let thine occupations be few, saith the sage, if thou wouldst lead a tranquil life." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Waste not the remnant of thy life in those imaginations touching other folk, whereby thou contributest not to the common weal." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"The perfection of moral character consists in this, in passing every day as the last, and in being neither violently excited nor torpid nor playing the hypocrite." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"It is a shameful thing for the soul to faint while the body still perseveres." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"If it's time for you to go, leave willingly - as you would to accomplish anything that can be done with grace and honor." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"He who does wrong does wrong against himself. He who acts unjustly acts unjustly to himself, because he makes himself bad." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Just consider, my friend, whether a pure spirit and virtue are anything other than saving your life and being saved. Perhaps we need to discard the idea of longevity and cease loving this life, instead committing these things to God and, believing that no one ever escapes destiny, to consider, with that in mind, how we may live the best possible life in the time that remains." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Doctors keep their scalpels and other instruments handy, for emergencies. Keep your philosophy ready too - ready to understand heaven and earth. In everything you do, even the smallest thing, remember the chain that links them. Nothing earthly succeeds by ignoring heaven, nothing heavenly by ignoring earth." ~ Marcus Aurelius

“Be satisfied with your business, and learn to love what you were bred to.”

"Be satisfied with your business, and learn to love what you were bred to." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"You are making an inopportune rejection of what Nature has given you today, if all your mind is set on what men will say of you tomorrow." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"How easy it is to repel and release every impression which is troublesome and immediately to be tranquil." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Retire into thyself. The rational principle which rules has this nature, that it is content with itself when it does what is just, and so secures tranquility." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Look at everything that exists, and observe that it is already in dissolution and in change, and as it were putrefaction or dispersion, or that everything is so constituted by nature as to die." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Consider how many do not even know your name, and how many will soon forget it, and how those who now praise you will presently blame you." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"From Apollonius I learned freedom of will and undeviating steadiness of purpose; and to look to nothing else, not even for a moment, except to reason." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"No longer let thy breathing only act in concert with the air which surrounds thee, but let thy intelligence also now be in harmony with the intelligence which embraces all things. For the intelligent power is no less diffused in all parts and pervades all things for him who is willing to draw it to him than the aërial power for him who is able to respire it." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"There is no man so fortunate that there shall not be by him when he is dying some who are pleased with what is going to happen." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"An angry look on the face is wholly against nature. If it be assumed frequently, beauty begins to perish, and in the end is quenched beyond rekindling." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Remember that what pulls the strings is the force hidden within; there lies the power to persuade, there the life, - there, if one must speak out, the real man." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Take the shortest route. The one that nature planned - to speak and act in the healthiest way. Do that, and be free of pain and stress, free of all calculations and pretension." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"As thou thyself art a component part of a social system, so let every act of thine be a component part of social life. Whatever act of thine that has no reference, either immediately or remotely, to a social end, this tears asunder thy life, and does not allow it to be one, and it is of the nature of a mutiny, just as when in a popular assembly a man acting by himself stands apart from the general agreement." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"A lucky chance is constant in nothing but inconstancy." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"No state sorrier than that of the man who keeps up a continual round, and pries into "the secrets of the nether world," as saith the poet, and is curious in conjecture of what is in his neighbour's heart." ~ Marcus Aurelius

“The man who doesn’t know what the universe is doesn’t know where he lives.”

"The man who doesn't know what the universe is doesn't know where he lives." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Not to waste time on nonsense. Not to be taken in by conjurors and hoodoo artists with their talk about incantations and exorcism and all the rest of it. Not to be obsessed with quail-fighting or other crazes like that." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Consider frequently the connection of all things in the universe and their relation to one another. For things are somehow implicated with one another, and all in a way friendly to one another." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Does the light of the lamp shine without losing its splendour until it is extinguished; and shall the truth which is in thee and justice and temperance be extinguished before thy death?" ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Thou mayest foresee... the things which will be. For they will certainly be of like form, and it is not possible that they should deviate from the order of things now: accordingly to have contemplated human life for forty years is the same as to have contemplated it for ten thousand years." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Be not disgusted, nor discouraged, nor dissatisfied, if thou dost not succeed in doing everything according to right principles; but when thou bast failed, return back again, and be content if the greater part of what thou doest is consistent with man's nature, and love this to which thou returnest" ~ Marcus Aurelius

"I can at once become happy anywhere, for he is happy who has found himself a happy lot. In a word, happiness lies all in the functions of reason, in warrantable desires and virtuous practice." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Be mindful at all times of the following: the nature of the whole universe, the nature of the part that is me, the relation of the one to the other, the one so vast, the other so small." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Nature which governs the whole will soon change all things which you see, and out of their substance will make other things and again other things... in order that the world may be ever new." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"It will suffice thee to remember as concerning pain ... that the mind may, by stopping all manner of commerce and sympathy with the body, still retain its own tranquility." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"That which makes the man no worse than he was makes his life no worse: it has no power to harm, without or within." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"And finally remember that nothing harms him who is really a citizen, which does not harm the state; nor yet does anything harm the state which does not harm law [order]; and of these things which are called misfortunes not one harms law. What then does not harm law does not harm either state or citizen." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Remember how often you have postponed minding your interest, and let slip those opportunities the gods have given you. It is now high time to consider what sort of world you are part of, and from what kind of governor of it you are descended; that you have a set period assigned you to act in, and unless you improve it to brighten and compose your thoughts, it will quickly run off with you, and be lost beyond recovery." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"To her who gives and takes back all, to nature, the man who is instructed and modest says, Give what thou wilt; take back what thou wilt. And he says this not proudly, but obediently and well pleased with her." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"When men hate or blame you, or say hurtful things about you, look deeply into their hearts and see what kind of men they are. You'll see how unnecessary it is to strain after their good opinion. Yet you must still think kindly of them. they are your neighbors. The gods help them as they do you, by dreams and oracles, to win their hearts' desires." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"To them that ask: Where hast thou seen the Gods, or how knowest thou certainly that there be Gods, that thou art so devout in their worship? I answer: Neither have I seen my own soul, and yet I respect and honor it." ~ Marcus Aurelius

“Neither worse then nor better is a thing made by being praised.”

"Neither worse then nor better is a thing made by being praised." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"To refrain from imitation is the best revenge." ~ Marcus Aurelius

“Because a thing seems difficult for you, do not think it impossible for anyone to accomplish.”

"Because a thing seems difficult for you, do not think it impossible for anyone to accomplish." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Let goodness go with the doing." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"A little flesh, a little breath, and a Reason to rule all - that is myself." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Praise adds nothing to beauty--makes it neither better nor worse." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Stick to what's in front of you - idea, action, utterance." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"If man reflects on the changes and transformations which follow one another like wave after wave and their rapidity, he will despise everything which is perishable." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"A man should be upright, not kept upright." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"The universal order and the personal order are nothing but different expressions and manifestations of a common underlying principle." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"From my grandfather's father, I learned to dispense with attendance at public schools, and to enjoy good teachers at home, and to recognize that on such things money should be eagerly spent." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"All that is from the gods is full of Providence." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"How many together with whom I came into the world are already gone out of it." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"The act of dying is one of the acts of life." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"The whole universe is change and life itself is but what you deem it" ~ Marcus Aurelius

"In the same degree in which a man's mind is nearer to freedom from all passion, in the same degree also is it nearer to strength." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Frequently consider the connection of all things in the universe." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"The mind which is free from passions is a citadel, for man has nothing more secure to which he can fly for refuge and for the future be inexpugnable . He then who has not seen this is an ignorant man: but he who has seen it and does not fly to this refuge is unhappy." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"If the gods care not for me and for my children, There is a reason for it." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Today I escaped all circumstance, or rather I cast out all circumstance, for it was not outside me, but within my judgements." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"No form of nature is inferior to art; for the arts merely imitate natural forms." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"For a man can lose neither the past nor the future; for how can one take from him that which is not his? So remember these two points: first, that each thing is of like form from everlasting and comes round again in its cycle, and that it signifies not whether a man shall look upon the same things for a hundred years or two hundred, or for an infinity of time; second, that the longest lived and the shortest lived man, when they come to die, lose one and the same thing." ~ Marcus Aurelius

“The stream of tendency in which all things seek to fulfill the law of their being.”

"The stream of tendency in which all things seek to fulfill the law of their being." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"How powerful is man! He is able to do all that God wishes him to do. He is able to accept all that God sends upon him." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"In the morning, when you are sluggish about getting up, let this thought be present: 'I am rising to a man's work.'" ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Everything is mere opinion." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"When you are annoyed at someone's mistake, immediately look at yourself and reflect how you also fail; for example, in thinking that good equals money, or pleasure, or a bit of fame. By being mindful of this you'll quickly forget your anger, especially if you realize that the person was under stress, and could do little else. And, if you can, find a way to alleviate that stress." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Whatever anyone does or says, I must be emerald and keep my colour." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"When you have trouble getting out of bed in the morning, remember that your defining characteristic-what defines a human being-is to work with others." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Does a man shrink from change? Why, what can come into being save by change?" ~ Marcus Aurelius

"It is the act of a madman to pursue impossibilities ." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"In the end, what would you gain from everlasting remembrance? Absolutely nothing. So what is left worth living for? This alone: justice in thought, goodness in action, speech that cannot deceive, and a disposition glad of whatever comes, welcoming it as necessary, as familiar, as flowing from the same source and fountain as yourself." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"All things are linked with one another, and this oneness is sacred; there is nothing that is not interconnected with everything else. For things are interdependent, and they combine to form this universal order. There is only one universe made up of all things, and one creator who pervades them; there is one substance and one law, namely, common reason in all thinking creatures, and all truth is one-if, as we believe, there is only one path of perfection for all beings who share the same mind." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"From Alexander the Platonic, not frequently nor without necessity to say to any one, or to write in a letter, that I have no leisure; nor continually to excuse the neglect of duties required by our relation to those with whom we live, by alleging urgent occupations." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Yet living and dying, honour and dishonour, pain and pleasure, riches and poverty, and so forth are equally the lot of good men and bad. Things like these neither elevate nor degrade; and therefore they are no more good than they are evil." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"The whole contains nothing which is not or its advantage; and all natures indeed have this common principle, but the nature of the universe has this principle besides, that it cannot be compelled even by any external cause to generate anything harmful to itself." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Reverence the gods, and help men. Short is life." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Think on this doctrine, - that reasoning beings were created for one another's sake; that to be patient is a branch of justice, and that men sin without intending it." ~ Marcus Aurelius

“The best way of avenging thyself is not to become like the wrong-doer.”

"The best way of avenging thyself is not to become like the wrong-doer." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"No longer talk at all about the kind of man that a good man ought to be, but be such" ~ Marcus Aurelius

"Look within, for within is the wellspring of virtue, which will not cease flowing, if you cease not from digging." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"But this is altogether a mark of the most common sort of men, for it is in your power whenever you choose to retire into yourself." ~ Marcus Aurelius

"He who has seen present things has seen all, both everything which has taken place from all eternity and everything which will be for time without end; for all things are of one kin and of one form." ~ Marcus Aurelius