ᐅ143+ Hood Quotes about Life and Instagram (Love & loyalty)

"Don't slip into the traps, and don't forget about your 'hood, the kids in the 'hood. Remember, you're disposable, so take advantage while you can." ~ Isaac Hayes

"Children listen, I'm trying to tell you something good, don't get caught up in the hood." ~ Dr. Dre

"If we dont heal our own hood, who will?" ~ Nelly

"The modern Little Red Riding Hood, reared on singing commercials, has no objection to being eaten by the wolf." ~ Marshall McLuhan

"The boys in the hood are always hard." ~ Eazy-E

"It doth make a man better,' quoth Robin Hood, 'to bear of those noble men so long ago. When one doth list to such tales, his soul doth say, 'put by thy poor little likings and seek to do likewise.' Truly, one may not do as nobly one's self, but in the striving one is better." ~ Howard Pyle